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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Modular Preamplifier, Part 2: MC Transformer


The new Lundahl silver MC step up transformer LL1933Ag is the first to get a chassis in the style for the modular preamplifier concept.

Not much in there, so it was a quick job, just the transformer capsules wired to the inputs and outputs. Solid core silver wire has been used for the wiring.

More photos catching a bit of the evening sun before it sets:

My carpenter already finished more enclosures for the phono gain stages, power supplies, LCR EQ and volume control:

Stay tuned for updates as soon as the stuff which goes inside these is finished.

Best regards



  1. Hallo Thomas.
    Sehr, sehr hübsch. Ich geb´s zu, ich bin auch ein Liebhaber flacher Vorstufen, also solchen, bei denen die Röhren liegend eingebaut sind.
    Deshalb schaue ich hier besonders interessiert zu.

  2. Hi Thomas, how much are you selling the MC Step-up Transformer?

  3. Hi!
    The price depends on the type of wood (birch, walnut, cherry and others) and of course on the type of transformer. Please email me for prices: thomas (at) vinylsavor (dot) de