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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tube Box Art, Part 3: Philips and Valvo


Today I'm showing some european tube box art from Philips and Valvo. Philips used to be a major tube manufaturer in Europe. They acquired numerous other companies during their history.

2A3 boxes from the Philips 'Miniwatt' series:

Quite nice how they play with blue and yellow on these boxes:

Beautiful, but check out this Philips box with 'Radar Man':

Look closely, radar man wears earings.

A stunning box, isn't it?

Here a AZ1 box made by Valvo which became a part of Philips at some time:

Later the Valvo box design became more simple and bland. A ECC88 box:

Another company acquired by Philips was the tube manufacturing branch of Sylvania which was renamed PhilipsECG. This was towards the end of the tube era, and the box design followed the trend :

Older Sylvania tube boxes will be covered in another article. Stay tuned!

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