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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

300B drives 300B, Part 1


While work on some entry level amplifier designs based on the recently presented 6GE5 tube has progressed (more about that soon) there is also a new 300B amplifier. This time with a second 300B as driver tube to get the full blast of the Elrog thoriated tungsten sound.

One mono block is finished and tested. Shown above. The output transformer is a Tango XE20S. Interstage transformer is the new Lundahl LL2753. With the air gap set for the appropriate DC current it works great with the 300B.

The power supply is external as usual for my designs of this level. Here the amp with it's PSU:

Measurements and adjustments of op points are finished. The measured performance is very promising. The second mono block is almost finished an then the first listening test can begin.

Another version of this amp is planned with Tamura output transformers. Stay tuned for updates!

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