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Thursday, December 18, 2014

6GE5 Mono Amps, Part 2 : Assembly


Part 1 about the 6GE5 Monos showed the circuit. In this post I am presenting the assembly steps of the amplifiers.

So far the amps which received the most positive feedback for the design are my 211/6HS5 mono blocks.  So I reused some of the design aspects of those 211 amps for the layout of the 6GE5 Monos:

All the capacitors in the circuit are place in a single row on the left side. The 6GE5 output tube at the front in the middle and the 6AG9 driver beside it. Two separate power transformers are hidden under the black covers. Since the heater windings of the power transformer used does not supply enough current for all the tubes, I used a separate heater transformer for the signal tubes. The 6BE3 rectifiers are placed at the back side.

This is the top mounting plate with just the 12-Pin tube sockets installed:

Most of the resistors in the design are directly mounted to the bottom side of the plate:

All remaining resistors are soldered to the terminal strip.

Mounting of the power transformers:

Most of the wiring done:

Adding the capacitors:

The chokes, output and interstage transformers go inside the chassis:

The finished amp:

The two monos side by side:

Top view:

I have been using these amps for some time and am very happy with the result. Power output is about 4W. Solid frequency response. As mentioned in part 1, I am making a parts kits available for these.

Iron set (power transformers, chokes, output and interstage transformers):

Mono block       EUR 740,- (EU incl. VAT) / EUR 622,- (outside EU)
Stereo version    EUR 1120,- (EU incl. VAT) / EUR 941,- (outside EU)

Iron Set plus oil caps:

Mono block       EUR 860,- (EU incl. VAT) / EUR 722,- (outside EU)
Stereo version    EUR 1360,- (EU incl. VAT) / EUR 1142,- (outside EU)

Full parts kit (excluding chassis and wire):

Mono block       EUR 975,- (EU incl. VAT) / EUR 819,- (outside EU)
Stereo version    EUR 1525,- (EU incl. VAT) / EUR 1281,- (outside EU)

Too expensive? Stay tuned for the entry level version of this amp with just a single choke and RC coupled driver instead of the interstage transformer.

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  1. So curious about how these sound? 2A3 equivalent of 6cb5a / 300b? Or more "entry level". Worth the cost to IT these or does a cap coupling produce similar sonics? Interesting amps! Thank You for publishing the circuit.

  2. Hi!
    I always say that the circuit have much more influence than the tubes used. Do yes IT is worth the cost. I will also show a cap coupled version

    Best regards


  3. Hello Thomas!
    Does Stereoversion mean 2Monoblocks?
    Kind regards

    1. Hi! for stereo you need two of these mono blocks. I also showed a stereo amp with this tube in a single chassis here:


      Best regards