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Thursday, October 8, 2015

211 -The Next Generation- Part 12 : 801A/211 towers, PSU assembly


The assembly of an amplifier chassis has been shown in part 11 of this series of posts. Now let's have a look at the power supply assembly steps.

Shown above are all the major parts which are mounted in one power supply. Like the amps, construction is done top down with the parts mounted on several plates.

The top plate only holds the transformer cover for the main power transformer and the on off switch.

The power transformer itself is mounted on a sub plate with the rectifier tube sockets:

wiring of the full wave rectifier bridge which consists of 4 6AX4 TV dampers:

The transformer plate mounted to the top plate:

The next level carries the capacitors and chokes for high voltage smoothing:

Here it is mounted to the main assembly:

The filament supplies for driver and output tube share the last plate:

This gets mounted at the bottom end:

The power supply ready for testing:

In the next part I will show the finished amplifier set.

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  1. I must say I find the use of ‘TV dancers’ quite poetic ;^}

  2. Auto correct is funny sometimes :-)
    Thanks for the hint, I corrected it


  3. Just as poetic as "the arts mounted on several plates".