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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Live from Denmark : ETF 2015 - Part 15 : Shootout finals


Today the shootout between the line stage power supplies continued. s yesterday the 'Wall of Sound' System has been used for the contest.

The shootout was hosted by Bjorn and Karsten:

This are the contestants which made it through the first rounds:

Here a video of the introduction to the quarter finals in which they explain the procedure.

I think the spirit of the ETF is well captured in this clip and I hope it gives an impression to those who couldn't attend what kind of fun it is. Things are not taken too seriously and if something goes wrong just improvise:

I recorded the complete first round of the quarter finals, some of the following clips might be blocked in certain countries due to copyrighted music.

The winners of the quarter finals went into the semi final. Here a part of round 1 of the semi final battles:

Frank Blöhbaums beautiful creation which I showed in part 14 made it to the final and got compared to Pete Millets battery power supply:

And the winner is....

This years shootout was great fun and well organised by the Danish team! Thanks guys!

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