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Friday, November 13, 2015

Live from Denmark : ETF 2015 - Part 5


Last year I occasionally got comments that I show too much gear and less of the people who attend. So here you get some faces...

Starting with some impressions from yesterdays dinner.

As you can see people enjoyed the good food and conversations.

Frank Schröder obviously had fun:

Bernd Hemmen of PrimaryControl:

Manfred Huber (left) and Bernd Uecker enjoying their beer:

 Pete Millet (left) and George Lenz, both from the US:

Christian Bayer:

Wolfgang Braun and Bernd Uecker:

As you can see discussions about all kinds of topic are a big part of the ETF. Dietmar, Karsten, Michael and JC:

Thomas Dunker explains the Norwegian set up (more about that in another post) to Jeffrey Jackson:

The Norway gang setting up their stuff:

Discussions in the hallway, Alex Kriegel, Gunter Marquardt, Pieter Trieuniet, Frank Wogatzki and Ralph Gibbemeyer (left to right):

As always there is tons of measurement equipment to check all kinds of things:

Pierre Francois Brand obviously has fun:

Probably because he is eager to participate in the shootout with his power supply:

Manfred as well, more about the shootout in another post.

Thomas Schick, with his ultra fashionable glasses:

You asked for it, so you got it, a bunch of ageing and balding men ;-)

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  1. You guys have no idea how much I envy you...
    Cheers: Holger

  2. I see the male-to-female ratio has not improved in recent years.

    1. There are some ladies here actually. maybe I should do a special spot about them...

  3. Anyone from Japan there this year..?