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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Live from Denmark : ETF 2015 - Part 4 : First Sound Impressions


A couple more systems are coming to life. In this post I will share some sound impressions.

The first one is a beautifully set up small and simple system, which sounds much better than you would expect.

Obviously built and set up with heart, soul and good ears. Check out this clip:

Next the turntable which I showed in Part 2, see how it looks with it's built in illumination:

And here you can see and hear it playing:

And lastly the main system which will be used for this years shootout (more about this in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

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  1. The one with the backlit turntable front end sounds impressive. I may be wrong, but looks like the speakers sport the latter type Isophon Orchester coaxials (as seen in the prior post..)

  2. Hi, the first picture shows a speaker setup with a Fostex FE168 EZ and a Tweeter with a wooden "horn" i wonder what kind of horn this is and what kind of tweeter. is there a description available or a source were to get it or more information ? thanks in advance

    1. Hi!
      I assume the horn is self made. If the owner of that speaker reads this, he can provide information about it (if he is willing to share)

      best regards