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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Live from Denmark : ETF 2015 - Part 16 : The Auction


Another tradition of each ETF is the auction on Saturday evening. When the auction got introduced the first time Emile Sprenger was the auctioneer. His style is simply hilarious.

He did the auction for a couple of years. Then Morgan Jones took over for a few years. Since Morgan couldn't make it to some of the recent ETFs, Frank Schroder took the helm in Berlin. In Denmark we finally get the original auction champion back.

The items for the auctions are donated from participants and the proceeds are used for the next festival. All items are displayed before the auction starts.

So people can check them out:

Emile is brilliant in heating up the mood and turns everything into gold.

Here you can see how the auction kicks off:

Next he auctions some capacitors:

Everything from useful stuff for building amps, rare tubes, liquor or simply some funny items get offered:

Here he turns up the heat for some Western Electric tubes:

It is great to have you doing the auction again Emile! Thanks for the show!

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