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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Live from Munich : High End 2016, Part 1 - Arrival


Arrived in Munich and started to set up. Here some first photos.

All the stuff unloaded into the room.

Now it's time to hook everything up.

The 211 monos will serve as the main power amps for Wolf von Langa's SON.

This year Ze'ev of PureAudioProject is joining us with his Trio15 speakers wich use Wolf's A5000 field coil wide band chassis.

Bernd von Hemmen of PrimaryControl brought the Kinea turntable, which is now in final production version.

The turntable can be used with tonearms from 9 up to 13 inch length.

I also had a quick peek into the Silbatone room got see what they are up to this year.

Lot's of straight horns and large woofers.

And of course the mandatory Western Electric 555 field coil drivers.

Stay tuned for further updates from this years High End.

Best regards


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