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Friday, May 20, 2016

Stereo 300B Amplifier in Tower Chassis


Here is a newly finished project. A new implementation of the Stereo 300B amp.

This is a similar implementation as the stereo 300B amp in portrait style chassis which served as the main amp at last years High End demo.

Like the portrait version it is split into 2 chassis.

I always prefer to go for a separate power supply rather than mono blocks.

This allows for a healthily over designed power supply rather than two wimpy ones which need to be sized to fit into the chassis with the amp.

Since the tower chassis offers more space this version received some upgrades compared to the portrait style amp.

It uses the same output transformers but larger interstage transformers.

The power supply uses a hybrid rectifier set up with two 836 and two 6AU4 tubes.

The driver tubes are 6SN7 as in the portrait version.

The large chassis allowed for a design with just the tubes on top and all other components inside.

For this version a special type of veneer was chosen.

It is called 'maple carbon effect'.

It makes a nice contrast with the gold coloured top plates.

The veneer has an almost silver like touch which is nicely picked up by using silver anodised handles.

The upgraded interstage transformers and beefier power supply improved the sound quality by a distinctive step over the smaller portrait style amp (which is already very good sounding).

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  1. Interesting choice of drivers...

  2. Hi,

    What are the dimensions without tubes?

    1. Hi!
      30*30cm and 40cm high (plus about 2 cm feet and height of tubes)