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Friday, May 6, 2016

Live from Munich : High End 2016, Part 9 - Turntable and Tonearms


Up next a description about the PrimaryControl Turntabe and Arms.

Bernd's turntable is now available. it has been christened 'Kinea'. It is a direct drive system using a low torque air coil motor.

Low torque was intentionally chosen to minimise the impact of motor judder.

The torque is adjustable in 3 steps on the control unit (knob on the right):

At start up the high torque mode is automatically selected for fastest speed up of the platter to 33.3 RPM.

The control unit works fully analogue.

The plinth is made of a 5-layer composite material. Shown above is the table mounted with the Arrow tonearm which represents the entry level of Bernd's offering.

Below a Kinea with the Reference which represents the top level of the range:

Some close up shots of this beauty:

The Reference is a stabilised uni pivot system and features a magnetic anti-skating device.

VTA is adjustable on the fly while the arm is tracking a record.

The Reference is made to order in any length from 9 to 12 inch.

Come and visit us in room F231c to listen to Bernd's creations.

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