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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Live from Munich : High End 2016, Part 12 - The Speakers


Today I will present the speakers of our system at the High End

This year we had two pairs of speakers which got used in turns.

One of them is the Wolf von Langa SON which i am using myself in my system at home.

I also used the SON at the Cool Gales AudioFest, where they worked very well even in a rather large room. The SON combines a field coil chassis made by Wolf with a Air motion tweeter which is specially manufactured for Wolf by Mundorf.

The other pair is a joint project between Wolf and PureAudioProject.

It is a model from the Trio15 range. It uses a A5000 wide range driver made by Wolf.

It consists of a original Lowther cone with some mods combined with a modern field coil assembly.

This driver is assisted by two 15 inch open-baffle. woofers made by Eminence for PureAudioProject.

The crossover is located at the back and is easily accessible for adapting by the end user to specific tastes or room requirements.

For more information refer to the open-baffle website.

A quick sound impression in these two video clips.

Come and visit us in room F231c to listen to these speakers.

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  1. Is the first clip the SON and the 2nd the PureAudioProject Open Baffle?

  2. Euer gesamtes Setup gehört zum stimmigsten, was ich in der letzten Zeit hören durfte. Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten für das Erlebnis. Beste Grüße. Frank

  3. One of the best sounding setups at the show. And the looks were great too, very classy! Thanks for the nice conversation we had on Sunday. Regards, Hartmann

  4. It was great to finally meet you!
    The system was very musical and I had a great time while visiting your room. The mono Ella recording was mesmerizing!

    Knowing the quality of your equipment - I was not surprised :)

    1. Thanks Itamar,
      it was great meeting you. I am glad that you enjoyed the system