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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Live from Munich : High End 2016, Part 3 - Silbatone's Trumpets


This morning I had a peek into the Silbatone room to see how the set up progresses there.

This year they will be showing something completely different.

A system which does not have a historic pendant but is a new creation. The straight 'trumpet' horns actually predate electric recording.

Two of these horns are accompanied by a Western Electric 24A horn. All equipped with 555 drivers.

And a tweeter for the top end.

The large bass cabinet in the center uses two different types of woofers:

So apparently at least 5 ways. We need to see how all this will play together.

This set up will quite certainly attract a huge crowd again.

Stay tuned for updates and first sound impressions from this room.

Best regards