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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

European Triode Festival, ETF 2016 - recap


The ETF was a blast just like the previous years. Although I tried to cover as much as possible in my live blogs, I certainly missed some stuff. There simply is so much variety and so many systems and they keep changing during those 3 days. Impossible to catch everything.

Back home I sorted through the photos I took and found many some more which are worthwhile sharing.  This one catches the spirit nicely. It's all about the gear AND the music:

And for the first time some live recordings were made and could be listened to afterwards. This was a great idea for the shootout.

Thanks again to Bjorn and Karsten for this idea and for organising it. And thanks to the musicians for making it happen.

A great opportunity to compare the reproduction to the real thing.

It was a surprise how many people brought recording equipment and how much effort they put into this.

The results were extremely good. Actually all of the recordings from the different people sounded at an extremely high quality level and they represented the different philosophies applied in capturing the musicians and instruments.

Although there was an official winner of the shootout, to me all those recordings were great and all who participated are winners. Thanks again for this insight.

What's so great about the ETF is that things are not taken too seriously. It is about socialising just as much as about the gear.

And so much sharing of knowledge and experience and work going on right there.

So many passionately built things.

So many different styles and ideas.

And tubes everywhere

As mentioned above although there always is a contest, it is not about winning or being the best. There are so many different philosophies, preferences and ways to do things. There is no best. In fact there was not one poor sounding system and most often the small, humble systems are the most surprising.

As great and inspiring the big system with it's GIP drivers, Western Electric 12a horns and set of crazy amps was.

My personal favourite was Torbjorns creation which in my opinion totally reflects the spirit of the ETF.

Made from cheap parts, without any commercial interest. Only made for sharing at the ETF. Untested before the event, finished and tuned right there during these 3 days, it simply sounded amazing. Also the way it is put together is great. At first look it looks very improvised but the final result is beautiful. Another stunning piece brought to the ETF by Dave Slagle:

A field coil cartridge made by him! Mind blowing!

A big part of the ETF are the lectures. They are always well attended and it is amazing how much knowledge is shared freely.

Thanks again to everybody. The mood, spirit and fun makes for such a great relaxing atmosphere. This makes it possible to take in and digest these many different impressions.

See you again next year at St. Helene in Tisvideleje

Best regards


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