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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Live from Denmark : ETF 2016 - Part 2, First Impressions


Just finished a quick tour through the various rooms to catch some initial impressions. This years ETF is going to be great. More and crazier stuff than ever!

Just look at these totally over the top speakers from the Norwegians....

I'll gather more information about those and share them in upcoming posts

Stephan is setting up his stacks of measurement equipment as every year:

Anybody with an issue in his amp can come to him to get some help for debugging it.

Or simply get it measured to see how it really performs.

People deeply immersed in discussions everywhere....

... or simply listening.

Nice touch with the deco on the speakers:

Some cool lighting by Holger:

And of course tube, tubes and more tubes...

Stay tuned for more....

Best regards


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