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Friday, November 11, 2016

Live from Denmark : ETF 2016 - Part 6


System set up by Andreas.

The turntable is imported from the US. In order to operate it in Europe he runs it off a tube based 110V/60Hz supply:

The supply is significantly bigger than the turntable itself. The system uses a third speaker for the center:

The sound:

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  1. Thomas, thank you for showing pictures of the system.

    Turntable is an Empire 208 with old Ortofon arm and Dynavector Karat pickup.

    Since this is an American turntable (albeit with a german Papst motor) it is intended for 60 cycles and so a generator was required, because the mains frequency in Europe is 50 Hz.

    Lower portion of the motor drive rack is a vintage Malotki H 50 tube Precision Oscillator for broadcast use. Maximum output of this is about 120 volts and it would be possible to drive a small synchronous motor directly (for instance Linn, Thorens etc.), but for the Papst an additional power amp was mandatory. For this purpose a Rohde & Schwarz 50 watts laboratory tube amp is used in the upper portion of the rack.

    Preamp, a Mal Valve Preamp One made in Germany was suitable for a direct connection of the Dynavector mc, but we had the chance to try the excellent step up transformers developed by Michael Ulbrich also.

    This preamp was modified to have a shunt regulator hv supply which is a good step forward.

    The speakers are Siemens 6S Ela 3814 coaxial drivers in custom made open cabinets. These items are very rare and I have only seen six in my life.

    Only a single stereo amp is used for driving all three speakers. Details of the "Enhanced Stereo with three loudspeakers" set up on request.

    A SE EL156 power amp made by Frank Blöhbaum gave astonishingly good results with these 15 ohms drivers.