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Friday, November 11, 2016

Live from Denmark : ETF 2016 - Part 9


After people spent a lot of time setting up yesterday and tweaking, more and more systems come alive. Before we go into that some impressions from St. Helene

A cold November morning with nice clean fresh air.

Bjorn on the way to breakfast. He rightfully looks happy since the organisers did a tremendous job again and the ETF started nicely.

Here some impressions from Chuck's system:

He brought his newly developed speakers:

The idea behind this concept is a horn speaker with reasonable size to accommodate regular living environments.

Chuck discovered a horn that fitted the purpose and combined it with a proprietary woofer made to his specs! The horn is fitted with an Alter 802.

All this resulted in a speaker with 97dB sensitivity. Impressive how he fitted that into this size and gave it such a beautiful shape:

He drives them with 4 mono amps which he built himself. they are 4P1L driving 4P1L good for about 1.5W each. There are 4 since he bi amps the speakers. Two mono blocks are stacked upon each other:

Job well done! You can read more about what Chuck is up to on his blog ElectraVolt.

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