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Sunday, November 20, 2016

My New Turntable : PrimaryControl Kinea & Arrow


After working together with Bernd Hemmen of PrimaryControl on several High End fairs and getting to know his superb craftsmanship and knowledge it was just a matter of time until his creations found their way into my system.

My trusty Scheu turntable got replaced by Bernd's Kinea which completed development this year and served as source in our system at the High End.

As tonearm I picked the Arrow which appealed to me for the easy set up and adjustment.

The turntable is completed with the Atlas cartridge from Lyra.

Bernd personally delivered the turntable and set it up for me.

Here we see him unpacking everything which comes in a huge box.

The base still without platter and arm:

Hooking up the turntable to the external control unit:

This unit drives the motor which is a direct drive system. Besides speed selection it allows for different settings of torque.

Bernd mounts the tonearm:

And meticulously cleans the platter before it is put on the table:

Everything set up...

... and ready for a first critical listening...

... and re-adjusting.

The final result.

The turntable works as I got to know it during our joint exhibition at the High End. It simply performs without any trace of tracking errors or distortion. It enables the cartridge to pick up every detail out of the grooves. A very solid and steady performer. No unnecessary bells and whistles. Just the way I like it.

The perfect source to demo my amps and preamps. And for my private listening joy as well.

And I love the simplistic and very pure styling. The turntable is extremely heavy and solid. Yet Bernd managed to give it a very elegant appearance.

With the white base and black glass surface with the company logo beautifully embedded this table is a joy to look at. And to listen to of course. Every detail is crafted to very high standards. Avoiding the flashy look many modern chrome laden turntables in the size of an oil platform have nowadays. It perfectly fits to my taste.

And a great combination with the stunning Atlas.

I am also very happy to announce that I am acting as a representative for PrimaryControl. If you are interested in these products, you can listen to them at my place and also get them through me.

I'd like to thank Bernd for this beautiful turntable. Keep up the good work!

Best regards



  1. Hallo Thomas,

    Gratulation zu deinem neuen Laufwerk, sieht gut aus und bietet dem Atlas mit Sicherheit die richtige Basis um sich auch entsprechend entfalten zu können. Aus eigener Erfahrung zählt das Atlas für mich zum Besten was man sich in der Beziehung antun kann ;-)


  2. Beautifully engineered turntable -- love the restrained design, and nice to see direct-drive making a (deserved) comeback.

    The Lyra Atlas, in addition to being stunning, is also stunningly expensive... what is your assessment of it?

    1. Thanks! I wouldn't have gotten the Atlas if I am not vconvinced of it's qualities. We used it at the High End for demo during the last years

  3. can u play 78s on it?

    1. It can be ordered with a control unit which can do 78rpm.
      Mine does not support it yet. There will be a 78rpm capable unit on the next High End

  4. Heard the Atlas at Andreas Schubert's place last weekend in Berlin. Sounds quite nice... 🙂