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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

High End 2017


As mentioned already in a couple posts I will exhibit again at the High End in Munich next week.

This year with presence in two rooms. As in the last years I will team up with Bernd Hemmen of PrimaryControl and Wolf von Langa in room F231c. This year we will set up a system with Bernd's new Field Coil loaded Tonarm on his Kinea turntable as front end. Wolf will introduce his new speaker product line Audio Frame. Electronics will be a D3a LCR phono preamplifier into the trusted 10Y line stage. And my differential 300B power amplifiers will have their first public appearance.

In addition we will have a very special treat for music lovers.

Our friend Frank will take you on a journey with jazz, blues and classical music from the gramophone era. Frank will bring highlights from his vast collection of 78rpm records and share his enthusiasm with the audience. This will be done in several sessions from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st. Those who heard his presentation at the last ETF in Berlin will know what to expect. A blast through music history. Don't miss this! For this occasion I specifically built an all out adjustable EQ phono stage.

In order to have more space to represent the ELROG tubes made by Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH I will set up a second room in F231e.

Here all the german made ELROG tubes will be on display.

ER845, ER211, ER242 and of course the ER300B which will be playing in the demo amplifiers.

And our latest addition to the family, the ER274A and ER274B thoriated tungsten directly heated rectifiers.

Charles Michlin of Azzolina Audio provides the speakers for this room.

He will bring his newly developed Hadron as well as this beautiful horn speaker:

In this room we will demo with both digital and analog sources. I am happy to announce that Martin Brenner of Vinylista joins us with his creations.

The analog source will be a Garrard in Vinylista plinth with Thomas Schick tonearm.

Vincent Brient of totaldac takes care of the digital part.

A set up consisting of d1-core DAC and d1-server will be used.

For the amplification I will bring the best I currently have to offer. The ultimate, all silver differential EC8020 phono stage will feed into the matching ultimate line preamplifier. Power amps are the ultimate all silver version of the 300B mono blocks. For single ended aficionados a set of silver 211/211 amps will be available to be swapped in as well.

Both rooms are in Atrium 4.2 and conveniently located adjacent to each other. Visit us to see and listen!

Looking forward to meet in Munich!



  1. Stunning line-up. Unmissable.

  2. Sell the yellow Elrog shirts at Munich--you'll make a fortune.
    At least I'd buy one.

    1. Will you be at the show? Come to our room and get your T-shirt ;-)