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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Live from Munich : High End 2017 - Part 2, Second Set Up Day


Here some impressions and sound checks from the second set up day (yesterday) at the High End.

In addition to room F231e, I am setting up a joint system with Wolf von Langa and Bernd Hemmen in room F231c, as in previous years.

Wolf and Bernd first did some acoustical treatments to the room.

One of Wolfs new speakers still packed up.... Stay tuned for updates as this room comes to life

Silbatone started unpacking:

This years speaker a Western Electric Mirrorphonic model 2

Midrange horn with dual drivers:


The bass cabinet.

Field coil bass drivers of course.

Tube Porn:

Here a first sound check:

Our room F231e is also shaping up nicely.

Display with ELROG tubes and coffee mugs ...

... and champagne glasses 300b style!

Slowly chaos changes to order:

The final set up with 2 sets of amps and speakers

One more sound check:

Best regards


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