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Sunday, May 28, 2017

News from the ELROG Tube Factory 7


In the last news update it was mentioned that new tube types are considered for development.

Responses so far had been quite positive and there seems to be the highest interest in an ELROG 801A. This would also serve as a replacement for the 10Y and all derivates: VT25, VT25A, VT62. The 801A would share the same filament design with the 50 since both use 7.5V/1.25A. So it would make sense to develop both types together.

Since the development, testing and launch of new tube types involves considerable cost, we decided to do a crowd funding type of financing. This means you can support the development of new tube types! All you need to do is simply placing a pre order for one or more pairs of the new types. Once enough pre orders are received, development will start. In case the goal of 50 pairs (combined 50 and 801A) is not reached, all pre payments will be refunded. As an early supporter you will get a better price.

The pre order price per pair ER801A or ER50 will be:

Germany : 1050,- Euros, 19% VAT and shipping included.
European Union : 1060,- Euros, 19% VAT and shipping included
Rest of world : export price: 900,- Euros, shipping included

After market introduction the price will be increased by 100,- Euros.
Payments can be received by bank transfer or PayPal. Please send an email to info (at) elrog (dot) com or to thomas (at) vinylsavor (dot) de if you want to place a pre order.

In case you want to support the development of these types, but don't need any tubes, you can do so by making a donation. Donations will be rewarded with a small gift.

For donations of 50,- Euros or more we will send an ELROG T-shirt in thoriated tungsten yellow to you.

Donations of 100,- Euros or more will be rewarded with a T-shirt and ELROG coffee mug.

And for donations of 250,- or more you will receive a T-shirt, mug and 2 ELROG champagne glasses.

For larger donations or pre orders we will arrange a factory tour for you if interested. You need to cover your travel expenses, we will provide local accommodation.

Donations can be received by PayPal to thomas (at) vinylsavor (dot) de. Or by bank transfer.

Once the funding goal of 50 pairs of tubes is reached it will be announced here. If the funding proceeds a planned we expect to ship the new tubes before end of this year.

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  1. How would you expect the ER801A might compare to the 1602 10Y..?

    1. Difficult to say of course before the tube actually exists. But I expect similar differences / improvements as between our ER211 and other 211s

  2. Can we assume we may see an 841 as well, given the only difference is the grid winding pitch? The world needs a new 841....

  3. Hello Thomas! I am interested in the ER801a; however, I was wondering if you ever see a time where the prices would go down?

    1. Hi Bao,
      I don't really see a chance to reduce the prices. In contrary they will most likely have to go up