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Friday, May 5, 2017

News from the ELROG tube factory 5


Another update from the tube factory.

First I'd like to introduce the team of Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH. From left to right: Matthias, Olena, Martin who joined us in March and myself.

In the last update I showed some teaser photos of the new tube type which we were working on. Some of you guessed correctly that it is a rectifier. Just on time for the High End fair the first production samples of the ER274B rectifier got finished.

As with the other ELROG tubes the idea behind this was not just to build a replica of the Western Electric 274B but to create something unique. So we made the first directly heated full wave rectifier with thoriated tungsten filaments. Not only is this the only thoriated tungsten FW rectifier on the market but to our knowledge the first such rectifier ever. While there were some thoriated tungsten half wave rectifiers all full wave rectifiers used oxide coated filaments.

This rectifier will be released with Octal base as ER274B and with UX4 base as ER274A. The photo above shows the tube still without printing on the glass. The first production batch will get stamped in the next days for the first public appearance at the High End show in Munich.

Visit us in room F231e in Atrium 4.2 to see and hear ELROG tubes.

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  1. Wow! superb rectifier, congratulations to all the staff for the job
    See you in Munich
    Best regards

  2. Are their similar restrictions for the input capacitor size on capacitor-loaded circuits as the stock WE tube? I would love to use this in my 80 power supply but have a 10 microfarad cap up front. Nice parts!