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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Live from Munich : High End 2018, Part 2 - Sound Check


Things slowly come together and the room starts to look less messy.

Above the display of all the Elrog tube types.

Some of the speakers and the array of power amps.

A set of a 4 chassis 845 amp with the new Elrog ER887 driver tubes in the back. A pair of 211 mono blocks and a pair of 46 drive 46 monos.

The driver tubes in use are fresh from the vacuum pump and didn't have time to get the glass printed yet.

Will a pair of 1.25W 46 amps be able to fill the room with music? Come to room F231e to find out.

The preamps:

The orange D3a phono stage, 10Y line in purple, with the new Elrog ER801A.

And as last year a variable EQ mono phono stage for 78rpm shellac records:

Here a sound check of the system, still with digital front end only, the analog front end will arrive tomorrow:

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