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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Live from Munich : High End 2018, Part 3 - Ready for the Show


Here some impressions from the system on the last set up day before the show starts.

Besides the Mojos, Chuck also brought the Azzolina Iconic speakers. A bass baffle built to WE specs with the original cinema style looks. Combined with his 3D printed horns, 555 drivers and L'Cleach horn based tweeters.

The field coil drivers powered by my new supplies:

And the 46 power amps:

Here a video clip of the system:

We will switch between the Iconics and Mojos during the show.

We will also alternately play the different amps.

The purple line stage:

An additional set of 10Y line and D3a phono on display:

Some impressions from the Silbatone room:

Weird stuff as usual. This time with the legendary 755A broad band drivers:

And of course horns.

The Elrog tubes on display in our room:

Visit us in Hall 4, Atrium, Room F231e

The room in the corner on the top floor.

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