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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The 10Y Line Stage in Purple


Here is the second part of the preamplifier combination in the new vibrant colours, the 10Y line stage in purple.

Like the orange D3a phono, the circuit of this unit is the same as in previous builds of the 10Y line stage.

The deep purple tone f the metal plates is well complemented by the dark wood and graphite capacitors and transformer covers.

For these photos globe shape UX210 tubes are plugged into the sockets.

The back side with all the connections:

XLR and RCA outputs. 3 RCA inputs and 3 balanced XLR inputs. Each of the balanced inputs is configured for different gains which is in addition to the base gain of the preamp. In this case we have  +12dB which goes best with the D3a phono stage, a neutral +0dB input and one which attenuates the input by 6dB for very loud sources.

The separate power supply:

Signal unit and power supply together:

Come to the High End show in Munich May 10-13 to see and hear this linestage.

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  1. Nummer 250, Jubiläum!! Glückwunsch!

  2. A stunning eye catcher