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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Live from Munich : High End 2018, Part 7 - Day 4


Today was the last day of the High End show. Here a few more impressions.

Our cartridges:

The fabulous Lyra Atlas for vinyl records and the Miyajima Kotetu for  78rpms.

The ER801A had it's premiere playing in the linestage:

A few more tube pics:

ELROG tubes were also present in some other rooms.

Vincent Brient of totaldac used a quad of ER845s in Absolare mono blocks in his lovely room.

A video clip of our room with Hans Olson singing :

And another treat for 78rpm lovers, Charlie Parker performing 'Lover Man':

It's  been a great 4  days and actually a full week with the set up days.

See you all in Munich again next year



  1. Hi Thomas,

    I just put on my Grados for listen of that clip. That is very impressive sounding setup ( even through the computer). The 46/46 with the 801a is amazing. I can't wait for my 10Y preamp. What primary ( of opt) was selected for that 46/46 monoblock? I know the Azzolina Mojos are 8ohm.


  2. Can you comment on the tonearm used for the 78s?

    1. PTP Audio, If Peter from PTP reads this he can comment in more detail


  3. Both arms used in the room where PTP Audio Track arms, available in 9" (the Track9) and 12" (the Track 12").
    Gimbal bearing, easy to set up, and of course great sound :-)