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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Modular Preamplifier, Part 13: DHT Gain Stage - Power Supplies


In the last post about the modular preamp concept I introduced the DHT gain stage. In the meantime the power supplies have been finished and tested.

In the last article I already showed some of the sub assemblies. Due to size and weight of the components, filament and high voltage supplies had to be separated into indivdual chassis.

The sub assemblies of the filament supply mounted together, pre wired and inserted into the wood chassis:

The sub assembly of the plate voltage supply:

Inserted into the wooden frame:

Now the top plates with the transformers need to be wired to the rest and mounted on the chassis:

Once the supplies have been tested with the signal section and final voltages are adjusted, the transformer covers can be added. This gives an idea how they will look like, covers not tightened yet:

The final versions will have covers in a single color. I'm waiting for another shipment of covers. All covers will be in the same white as the capacitors on the signal chassis.

The back sides showing the 4 pin connector on the palte voltage supply and a 10 pin connector for the filament voltages:

Stay tuned for updates about the DHT gain stage.

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  1. where do you buy the angle sheet metal with holes/slots it looks like 3/8 angle?

    1. These can be bought from me along with all other parts I use like transformers chokes, etc...