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Monday, May 6, 2013

Music : Faithless, The Dance


Many of my recent music posts were about records which are 50 years old or more. That doesn't mean I only listen to 'old' music. I listen to current music as well. So today I am presenting a record from one of my favorite contemporary bands, the album The Dance from Faithless.

This is their last album at least for now since they split up. The band consisted of 3 main members: Maxwell Fraser 'Maxi Jazz' the front vocalist, Ayala Bentovim, also known as Dido and Roland Armstrong 'Rollo' who was considered the mastermind of the band. They where accompanied by additional musicians during live events.

 Faithless was one of the most influential bands during the 1990ies. Their music could be considered house, albeit a bit softer than the usual house music it could be further categorised as trance. Their biggest hit was Insomnia, released 1995, which became a classic and is still played a lot in dance clubs. They have  a very unique style which is immediately apparent in each album, yet every record is different. They don't follow usual conventions how they structure the songs. This is very apparent in the second title on the first side of record 1. The song is called 'Feel Me' and features Blancmange as guest. The way the rythm is set is very unique. Like many of their titles it has a long intro and then slowly changes. Faithless uses anti climaxes a lot in their music, also in this song. In fact there are several moments when you think the song is about to end, but it just carries on, or actually restarts.

The next title, 'Crazy Bal'Heads' is a homage to reggae and features another guest musician, Johnny 'Itch' Fox. This song is written by Rita Marley, Bob Marley's widow.

The most hilarious track on the album is 'Scandalous'. Vocals by Maxi Jazz who does his usual slow rap which is very unique. Again an unusual intro and a lot of changing of pace throughout the piece.

In terms of sound quality none of the Faithless albums disappoint. Sure it is mostly synthetic music, but well recorded with good balance, no harsh trebles or exaggerated bass also none of the usually over compressed dynamics.

If you are into such kind of music, get the vinyl and savor it!

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  1. Ayala is better known here as DJ, Sister Bliss. Rolo's sister is Dido. Sister Bliss created most of the music with Rolo. Spent many a night out danicing to Sister Bliss @ The Gallery :)

  2. Hey Thomas,

    If you like Jimmy Guiffre, you might like to czjeck Lucky Thompson...I first heard him on the Miles Davis "Walkin" album...an extra groove!

    There are lots others...do your homework...and some great LP covers!

    Best, and enjoy

    RC in VT

  3. Ah, I thought I was the only one enjoying this kind of music using non-feedback, single ended triode circuitry and horns ;) Great album this, up there with their best work. As a self-confessed petrolhead 'Flyin Hi' strikes a resonant chord with me... :o)