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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

211 Drives 211, Part 2


Assembly of the 211/211 amplifier has begun. The metal plates for the internal construction are done. These will carry all the parts and will be stacked in a sandwich fashion. As mentioned in the first part, this time a completely new chassis design will be used. Even a new shape. It will be round:

The photo above shows the top plate with the tubes plugged in.

These are all the metal plates for the sub assemblies for the amp:

Cutouts for sockets, capacitors, connectors, etc. And screw holes for transformers and chokes.

After the parts are attached it looks like this:

These are the assemblies with output and interstage transformer (left) and the last stages of the B+ filtering. Oil caps for the filtering and ultra path connections.

Capacitors are mounted to the plates with aluminium rails on the under side:

Filament and B+ chokes are on the bottom plate (left):

The bottom plate also carries all connectors. Input transformer and bias resistors are mounted on the underside of the top plate (right).

The Connectors will be accessible from the bottom:

Stay tuned for updates as the construction progresses.

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  1. Very cool, Thomas!

    Now i'm extremely curious how it looks when finished...

    Have fun building it,

  2. Very excited to see your new chasis design!