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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Live from Munich : High End 2015 - Amplifier Swap


Due to popular demand we switched the power amps today. Instead of the Stereo amp we now have the 300B mono amps in place.

This is a 4 chassis amplifier, the signal sections left and right and two power supplies.

While the stereo amp has an indirectly heated driver tube (6SN7) these monos use a directly heated triode as driver (10Y):

The amps use Tango interstage and output transformers. In this case the transformers are from the 'original' Tango while it was still part of Hirata Electric. After Hirata closed the Tango production, transformer manufacturing was restarted under the ISO Tango brand. Unfortunately also ISO Tango closed it's operation last year. So these amplifiers are very special since the transformers are not obtainable any more, especially the output transformer which is a permalloy core version is very rare since not many of those got produced.

The pricing of 32.000,- Euros for the set of 4 chassis takes the scarcity of the transformers into account. Once these amps are sold, I will not be able to build new ones like this.

We will keep these amps in the system for the whole day. Last chance to listen to them. visit us in room F231c.

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