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Friday, May 22, 2015

Silver Madness


The High End is over and work continues. Some new projects coming up. Pieter Treurniet of Tribute delivered a batch of silver transformers with finemet cores at the High End.

These are for two sets of mono amplifiers. The first one a new build of the insane 211/211 amplifiers.

The output transformers with 16 primary:

And a set of ouput transformers for 300B amps: These have 5k primaries, ideal for the Elrog ER300B:

These will go into a new incarnation of the already shown 300B amps. The power supplies of these are already finished. To make the madness complete both amps will use mercury vapour rectifiers.

The interstage transformers for 10Y and 211:

The transformers perform very well on the test bench. Stay tuned for updates as the assembly of these amps proceeds.

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  1. Hi,
    very nice ...Pieter"s transformer ...he always give specifications of measurement on his transformer,
    this great job with premium part ... silver transformers with finemet cores.