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Friday, May 15, 2015

Live from Munich : High End 2015 - The Phono Preamplifier


After introduction of the turntable of our demo system at the High End show, here some information about the phono stage.

It is a LCR phono stage with Telefunken EC8020 tubes which I already wrote about here.

Like all my LCR phonos it is a two chassis configuration. Signal section and power supply.

The phono has built in MC step up transformers and works great with Lyra cartridges like the Atlas which we use.

This represents my top of the line phono. While the pricing of my LCR phono stages starts at 3.900,- Euros, this version costs 16.000,- There are several versions in between to cover different budgets.

The phono stage has both RCA and balanced XLR inputs and outputs.

Visit us in room F231c to listen to my latest phono stage.

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