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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Live from Munich : High End 2015 - The Turntable


As promised I will write individual posts about each of the main components of our system at the High End. Starting with the turntable.

The turntable is a new development from Bernd Hemmen of PrimaryControl.

It is a direct drive concept built with a composition of materials with different properties and mass. Total weiht is 35kg.

The platter is made of anodised aluminum. Rather light weight but with high flywheel mass. Of course it is equipped with one of Bernd's tonearms. In this case the Arrow.

It is made of an aluminium/carbon composite, internally optimised for damping of resonances.

Acoustic energy from the cartridge gets effectively absorbed and passed into the plinth through a wide contact area.

Like all his arms the arrow is easily and precisely adjustable. The arm is priced at 3.300,- Euros while the price for the turntable is not determined yet.

For the demo system the arm is equipped with a Lyra Atlas cartridge. Visit us at the High End fair to listen to Bernd's latest creations!

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  1. The turntable looks interesting. I bet it fits your amplifiers pretty well characterwise.

    Enjoy the fair,