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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Live from Munich : High End 2015 - The Amplifier


The last component to be presented from our demo system is the power amplifier.

A stereo single ended 300B amp with the Elrog ER300B tubes.

amp on the left and external power supply on the right. The amp was already described here.

Output power about 5W per channel.

The amplifier is priced at 9.500,- Euros including Elrog ER300B tubes.

Today is the last chance to listen to this amp at the High End fair. Visit room F231c!

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  1. Hello, why only 5W should it not be closer to 8W?

    1. output power depends on the op point.
      The op point is chosen for best sound quality.
      Also the Elrog tubes produce less output power than other 300Bs at the same op points