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Monday, April 1, 2013

Cool Links : www.tubebooks.org


Today I'd like to share another valuable internet resource for technical information about vacuum tubes and circuits: Pete Millett's tube book page.

Pete provides a huge archive of books for download. In the category Technical Books (link in the bottom part of the front page) contains a selection of various books about vacuum tube circuit theirs. Among those the famous Radiotron Designer's Handbook both in Edition 3 and the huge Edition 4! And there is a separate page for the entire RCA HB-3 Tube Data Manual! Nowadays life is so easy for anybody who wants to get into vacuum tubes. Vast amounts of information are available for free and can be downloaded in a few moments. When I started to get into vacuum tubes in the early 1990ies it took a lot of patience to hunt for those valuable books and they where quite costly too.

I had the pleasure to meet Pete personally at the ETF. He is a great guy and a brilliant and passionate audio designer who is freely sharing a lot of information.

Thanks a lot to Pete for compiling this enormous amount of precious information!

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