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Monday, April 15, 2013

Music : Kenny Burrell and Jimmy Smith, Blue Bash!


Here is another record from my collection which I tend to pull out a lot lately. Blue Bash! With Kenny Burrell and Jimmy Smith.

I already wrote about Jimmy Smith in the post about his album Organ Grinder Swing. I like that groove of the Hammond B3 organ. Jimmy Smith's play together with Kenny Burell's guitar is a great combination. Those sounds have a remarkable effect. They go right into your ear and create a sensation which tends to stay there even hours after listening to the record.

The album Blue Bash was recorded in 1963 and released on the Verve label. The famous Rudy van Gelder was part of the recording team. Van Gelder was also responsible for many Blue Note records. This album shares the same tonal quality. Excellent colours and a twangy sound. No exaggerated treble. Smooth and groovy all the way. The last title on side one is a brilliant instrumental interpretation of the famous song Fever. I am listening to the album right now through the prototype build of my new Octal Phono Stage. If you like bluesy Hammond and guitar sounds this is a record for you! Get the vinyl and savor it!

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  1. OK, this is incompatible with work! While much of it is laid back and smooth I get dragged into it too much!

    Thanks Thomas, for another nice pointer.