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Monday, May 11, 2015

High End 2015 : Packing for Munich


Preparing for the High End 2015 in Munich.

Packing everything for the trip. Besides the amps and preamps for the actual demo, there will also be a lot of stuff on display.

The EC8020 LCR will be used as the main phono stage in the demo system:

For back up / display there will also be a D3a LCR phono:

Not sure yet which line stage will be used in the system, the new 300B line, or a 10Y line:

A stereo 300B will serve as power amp:

I intentionally chose a 'smaller' model for demo, rather than the most elaborate incarnation. But a 4 chassis version will also be there as back up and for display:

I will also bring a set of 801A power amps along:

And if I have enough room in the van, also these SE 45/2A3 mono amps:

And these SE 6GE5 monos:

There will also be some components with enclosed wood cassis on display:

Not to forget all the power cords, power strips, interconnects, umbilicals....

Tubes (this is not all of them yet) :

Some basic tools and measurement equipment, just in case:

And most important, the coffee machine!

Quite a lot of stuff:

Stay tuned as I will post updates from the show during the week!

See you in Munich!



  1. Hallo Thomas bring doch mal bitte den Tron Soundtrack mit. Den hattest du doch auf Vinyl.
    Da würde ich gerne bei Gelegenheit bei euch rein hören.
    Bis die Tage


    1. Hallo Roland,
      den Tron Soundtrack habe ich eingepackt. Leg ich gerne auf, wenn Du vorbei kommst. Gerne können auch eigene Platten mitgebracht werden.

      Viele Grüße


  2. The coffee maker is key, Thomas. It was instrumental at ETF.

  3. Wish we could be there. Good luck with the show!