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Thursday, May 16, 2024

High End 2024 : wrap up


After a few days of rest it's time to write a wrap up and show some more photos.

And explain a bit more in detail what we had at the show.

This year we decided to have a booth in the hall instead of a room in the Atrium. We liked it a lot and I must say I prefer it over the rooms upstairs. The inside is easier decorated to our own taste and the possibility of adding an open outside area gives more space to show equipment.

Like the Compactron line of amps, preamps and DACs which were shown in front of the booth.

The Compactron Preamplifier presented on a rotating platter grabbed a lot of attention:

Let's walk into the listening room:

The room was dominated by the gorgeous AA4 speakers from Admire Audio.

Between the speakers we had the phono and line preamplifiers as well as the Digital to Analog Converter and the wonderful Kinea turntable which was set up with the Gravity tonearm by Bernd Hemmen of PrimaryControl. The Mono power amps sat on the left and right side.

Tweeters :

Let's talk about the electronics.

The stack of 4 silver chassis is the preamplifier combination which consists of 2 signal chassis and 2 power supplies. The newly finished Intrepid Line on top of the Intrepid Phono. The digital part was taken car of by the 3 chassis Intrepid DAC (black).

The Intrepid Mono Amplifiers sat on top of their respective power supplies

My personal highlight was the presentation of the newly developed tubes exclusively for the Intrepid electronics. With the TWO driving a THREE in the power amps.

And a quad of ONE in each the linestage and DAC.

A 'fly by' video:

On the side wall an entire lineup of Heritage Linestage, Phono, DAC and power amps was on display.

On the last day there was also only little time to walk over the show since I was mostly tied up in talks. But I managed to stop by our friends at Lundahl transformers who spiced up their display with some of our tubes.

The time went by so quickly it felt we just started when it was already time to pack up.

And we had to say good bye to the room which became our home for four days.

Those four days were an unforgettable experience. I would like to thank the High End Society for hosting the most important audio show in the world and for offering such a diversity of exhibitors a great venue.

A big Thank You to Dani and Jacobo of Admire Audio for joining up and for hauling over their superb speaker. 

You can see in our faces how much fun we had. During the show and at the after show celebrations

A special Thank You to Gunter for all his help:

And most importantly to Hil for organising the whole event, for keeping the team on track and for taking up with me during all those years:

See you again next year.

Best regards



  1. Thank you for putting up quite a show. I think one of the best presentations of munich 2024. It was refreshing, calm, especially compared to most of the rest of the high end show. At your presentation you could hear music like it is ment to be. Great speakers, I would love to own. And thank you for our nice talk.
    Uwe Köhler

  2. Sin lugar a dudas una de las mejores salas del evento ánimo Thomas y felicidades