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Friday, January 14, 2011

Results of the poll


Thanks to all who participated in the poll. Here is the ranking of the the project types the visitors would like to see:

1. Phono stage LCR RIAA
2. Low budget SE power amp
3. Cost no object SE power amp
4. New approaches to RIAA EQ
5. PSU concepts
6. Line stage with directly heated triodes
7. Full function preamp
8. Phono stage RC RIAA EQ
9. Low budget line stage
10. Other

The clear winner is the LCR phono, so you can expect this topic to be covered very soon. But I will start with the schematics for SE power amps first, for the simple reason that I have come up with a SE amplifier platform which can be extended from low budget to cost no object. A series of posts about such a concept would cover ranks 2 and 3 which combined together got the most votes.

On the left I copied the final overview of the poll results.

After the first topics have been covered, I'll move on to to the remaining topics which got significant votes, like other RIAA approaches and PSU concepts.

Many have asked me when they can expect to see details about directly heated line stages as the 801A / 26 line which I wrote about recently.As you can see it is not in the focus of most of the visitors. You can contact me via email in case you are interested and don't want to wait until I will post schematics of such a linestage.

Again thanks to all for your participation.

Best regards


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