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Monday, January 3, 2011

Started my Blog!


This is my new blog site. I plan to use this blog to share my passion for vacuum tube audio. I will use this place to share ideas, circuits and concepts, thoughts or whatever I'm up to. Feel free to comment or contact me directly if you have any questions. I'm also open to suggestions for new developments, be it power amplifiers, pre amplifiers or anything else for music reproduction. My speciality are transformer coupled designs with directly heated triodes and LCR RIAA EQ phono stages.

I also like to use unusual tubes which are not common in audio. I plan to regularily introduce tubes which are rarely seen in audion circuits but well suited for this purpose. By publishing circuits about them I hope to retrieve some of those gems from decades of being dormant on the shelves.

Best regards



  1. let's go for a super'super LCR RIAA two Phono stages MC prepre and préamplifier without noise (-70dB)
    and xlr in,xlr out.
    Bruno Plouvier

  2. Hi Bruno,

    thanks for the vote...
    Something lime this:
    It is two stage, very low noise (uses MC step up transformer) and a well proven design. Has been built in some versions now. I use it myself with EC8020 tubes I also have a version with the 6AM4 and a friend of mine built one with E810F.

    Best regards


  3. Thomas

    Looking forward to studying your blog.
    I have followed your creations for past couple of years after I got Sound Practices and saw your early designs.

    I'm currently interested in 801 linestage and LCR phono.